Hi. I am Brandon Opre – Founder of trusttree. Father. Husband. Go-Giver. Health nut.

Here's what you need to know about me:


Experience and Influencers


Attitude and Aptitude

Summary of Skills

Attitude and Aptitude

Some of my characteristics

Organized, honest, fair, entrepreneurial, passionate about making a difference, open to new ideas, believe in fair value, humorous, go-giver, responsive.

What I provide

Investment strategies, financial planning, financial modeling/analysis, risk assessment, creative solutions, consulting, life planning.

What I do in my spare time

Snowboard, mountain bike, billiards, play cards, workout, play basketball, read, listen to podcasts, golf, volunteer, DIY, quality time with friends/family/dogs, travel.

Summary of Skills

Create financial plans

Manage investments

Find creative solutions

Understand and communicate risks

Develop budgets

Coach through market cycles

Team Members


Brandon Opre, CFP®

Owner and Financial Advisor

I love what I do: each day, I head in to my office eager to make a difference. My goal is to inspire people & empower them to make better financial decisions. I am relentlessly striving to learn more about my craft, remain an expert in my field, and to share with others what I know.

With 20+ years experience, I know with confidence that the work I am doing today is better than what I was doing yesterday. And what I will be doing tomorrow is going to be better than the work I am doing today. If people believe in my drive, and know I am doing my best to help them – then they have found a good match with me.

I created TrustTree Financial not to become a Wall Street powerhouse, but simply to focus on working with a small number of clients so we can form successful long-term relationships.

Christine Opre

Office Assistant (and best wife around)

With an extensive marketing background and Masters in Psychology, Christine certainly keeps the operation in order!


C.S.O (Chief Sniff Officer) and Director of First Impressions

Often found at the office, Lilly loves to meet and greet as well as doze off while listening to Bloomberg.

About TrustTree Financial

We are...

an independent fee-based South Florida firm, meeting the needs of clients nationwide. Being “independent” allows us to have freedom of choice to select the best in technology, products, and companies.

We say “NO” to...

sales quotas, corporate mandates, and forced product selling. We do not work on commission. We also do not believe in day trading or trying to make a quick buck.

Our focus is...

financial planning and investment management, with emphasis on education of all things financial.

We consider ourselves to be...

a boutique firm with all the experience and knowledge of a large conglomerate.

We help people...


About Our Clients

Our clients have been successful in their ability to accumulate money, and are seeking advice on ways to grow that money and have it work most efficiently for them. Many don’t have the time, knowledge, or discipline to plan or manage things on their own. That's where we come in.

Attributes of our most successful clients are:


- to make changes, and gain control of their situation


- desire to learn, advisor receptive, collaborative decision making


- provide responses for info/appointments

All of our clients understand the value of paying for financial advice and management. Because when they succeed, we all succeed.