Our approach can be divided into three segments. Click one to learn more.

Our Strategy

When it comes to investing, we apply the “asset allocation” mindset. We believe the best way to navigate financial markets is to assemble highly diversified portfolios across a wide range of asset classes. We closely watch markets to find asset classes and sectors that look attractive, and we match investments that we like’d like to own for 2 years and longer. Once we have found a potentially attractive area for investment, we search for the most cost effective way to obtain exposure to the potential returns. Our portfolios use a product mix of ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and structured products. We seek to accomplish objectives with risk-adjusted returns and attempt to minimize the tax impact to the client.

For the majority of our clients we seek to manage downside risk in addition to seeking gains in good years – we feel it’s equally important to protect account values when the markets experience pullbacks. Structured products serve as a great product for this purpose. We also incorporate alternative assets classes for diversification, such as real estate, MLP and energy, commodities, and hedging strategies.

When it comes to financial planning, we cover from the most basic plans to the more complex. We partner with a variety of specialists to help provide added expertise, including attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, and mortgage agents. Our focus is making these four areas as efficient as possible:

  1. Cash and liabilities – includes cash flow, debt structuring, etc.
  2. Protection – insurance review of life, disability, P&C, liability, etc.
  3. Investments – strategies and coordination of all accounts into one report.
  4. Taxes – seek efficiency and long-term tax planning strategies.

We always tell clients that while we can’t predict what the global markets will do, we can prepare for the certainty of uncertainty in their financial lives.

Our Process (aka What to expect)

Our service model is very high-touch and customized to what the client needs to feel secure with their progress. Once a client comes on board at TrustTree Financial, we will meet regularly to identify goals, discuss any changes to those goals, and make adjustments as necessary. Visually our model looks like this:

  1. Establish relationship and define the scope
  2. Determine goals & gather data
  3. Analysis and evaluation of data
  4. Develop plan and alternatives
  5. Implement an action plan
  6. Monitor and review plan
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6

4. Develop plan and alternatives

1. Establish relationship and define the scope

2. Determine goals & Gather data

3. Analysis and evaluation of data

5. Implement an action plan

6. Monitor and review plan

Our Values

Our vision

To be valued for our professional knowledge, integrity, and personalized service.

Our mission

To inspire you to make informed decisions through ongoing education, constant communication, and objective advice.

 Our goal

To work side by side so that you can enjoy your life and plan your dreams.

 Our service

We seek to provide the highest level of service with the greatest efficiency.

 Our family

We want our boutique family practice to be your reliable resource for all your financial decisions.