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At TrustTree Financial, we go beyond traditional financial planning and investment management to help you achieve your real goals.  Take a minute and get to know us.

Why We're Different

More risk management. More personalization. More contact.  Find out the ways that TrustTree Financial helps you achieve your true life goals.

Personalized Investment Management

More financial firms than ever are outsourcing your investments, so you never meet the person who’s managing your money.  While that’s efficient for the firm, it’s not usually best for you.  At TrustTree, we manage your investments in-house according to your preferences and risk profile.  Then we keep you fully informed every step of the way.

True Full-Service Financial Planning

Occasional financial planning can only get you so far.  Set it and forget it? Not here. At TrustTree, we provide you with comprehensive financial planning plus the ongoing support that helps you achieve your goals.  So you can actually end up where you want to be.

The Total Package

Most people want financial independence, but very few actually achieve it.  You’re busy, so you need someone to help you plan, keep your eye on the big picture and execute along the way.  With TrustTree’s total package, we’ll help you map out the road ahead with a plan, then help you stay on track….so you have the best chance of reaching your goals.

The experience you need...

At times, investing seems easy:  pick an index fund or model portfolio, and it usually just goes up.  If you think back to 2008 or the dot com years, you’ll recall that wasn’t always the case.  At TrustTree Financial, we’ve been through many market cycles.  We understand you’d likely rather make consistent progress than risk being set back too much.  So we focus on smart risk management and personalizing your investments to your needs and preferences.  We do it all in-house so you can participate as much as you’d like, and we’ll always keep you fully informed.

...the independence you want.

Wall Street is notorious for conflicts of interest.  At TrustTree Financial, we are completely independent.  We report to you, not to any corporate office or shareholders.   As an independent registered investment advisor, we also act as your fiduciary.  That means that we’re legally obligated to put your interests first.  Seems commonsense, but not every financial advisor you encounter is required to do that, believe it or not.


Finding the Right Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor is a critical decision.

Choose wisely, and you can get on the road to building sustainable wealth and achieving your goals. Choose without doing your research, and you may lose the opportunity (and time) to get your financial life on track.

We wrote this short e-book to hopefully outline some talking points you NEED to consider before hiring someone.

You will learn...

Common mistakes to avoid

Vital questions to ask

The key things you need to look for

How an advisor can make a massive difference for your financial future

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