Financial freedom might be closer than you think.

Partner with someone who can help you get there.

Much like a tree depends on various resources to grow, your financial health is not much different. Money isn't everything and doesn't buy happiness, but to be "financially free" - that is priceless.  If you are reading this, you are likely already looking for someone to help guide the way. Get to know more about us and see if we are potentially a good fit to work together.

Services at a glance

When asked how we work with clients to help them build a more confident financial future, we usually break it down into one of the following three ways:

Investment Management Service

This is appropriate for clients who simply want investing services. Once risk levels are determined and the appropriate asset mix is identified, ongoing investment advice is provided. Investments are constantly monitored, evaluated, and changed when necessary.

Personalized Financial Planning

Those who seek specific advice on all aspects of their financial lives benefit from this planning process. "Financial Freedom" is defined. Gaps in areas such as retirement planning, tax circumstances, and insurance needs are identified. Strategies are created to help close those gaps - and continually evolving to keep them closed.

The Total Package

Most people prefer the combination of both – they need help with developing a financial plan, and also need assistance managing some/all of their investments. Clients who choose this package feel good knowing that we'll continuously strive to create opportunities, build wealth, and work towards their ideal financial future.

A bit about us

Many things have changed in the industry over the past two decades, and our mindset has changed with it. We have migrated away from sales goals. We no longer lead with the various titles or licenses that we’ve obtained. We aren’t interested in building a gigantic client list. Our focus is simply to share our knowledge and provide authentic advice to those who want a brighter financial future. One relationship at a time, we are confident that we'll help our clients cultivate the seeds of their financial lives and collaborate towards greater overall success.

Our promise to give back

Over the years we have dedicated much time and resources to giving back to the community. Although we partner with a wide variety of charities, we are passionate about helping our youth become financially responsible and prepared for the "real world". Thus, we commit to the following: for every referral that TrustTree receives from an existing client, we donate $50 to the Junior Achievement of South Florida (aka “JA”). The JA mission aligns with our beliefs that we need to inspire and prepare our youth to succeed. JA’s educational focus is on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and workplace readiness.  We are excited to contribute and give back the community via our local JA.

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